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BRIGHT 3D Wheel Alignment Machine A750

BRIGHT 3D Wheel Alignment Machine A750
BRIGHT 3D Wheel Alignment Machine A750
Specifications* Auto Tracking Camera Beam can also be operated manually by PG UP/PG DOWN on the keyboard. Camera movement allows work from the ground to 2.0 meters * User-friendly Italian-designed software. Ability to adjust the workflow to suit the workshop. * Precise measurement * High-resolution cameras that work in multiple lighting, including direct sunlight. 10million pixel HD. * High-resolution anti-glare UV-filtered targets * Self-centering H style clamps, 10″-26″ wheels- Quickly and easily clamp wheels without removing hub caps * Works in all lighting conditions, you are able to adjust the sensor from within the program to suit the current lighting inside your workshop to maintain accurate readings * Factory calibrated, no need for maintenance calibration * Alignment data for over 60,000 vehicle models, the database is the same as used by Corghi, Eagle SMF. Yearly updates are available.Measuring ranges: - Total toe ± 20° - Half toe ± 10° - Camber ± 10° - Caster ± 30° - Kingpin ± 30° - Set back ± 22° - Thrust angle ± 10° - Steering difference ± 20°Supplied as standard with: - turntables - turntable transition block - steering wheel lock - brake pedal lock - wheel chocks - Windows 10 PC - Monitor - 32″ full height

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