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SpecificationsCameras, pcs 2 Toe range ± 20º Camber range ± 10º Caster range ± 20º Supply 230V, 50Hz Rim clamping range 10 – 24’’

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  • Model: Wheel Aligner

VISIONLITH – Wheel Alignment for cars and vans up to 3.5t.

High resolution cameras and 3D technology provide quick and accurate measurement of vehicle dimensions and offer a number of procedures not available in infrared technology (CCD).

Movable camera beam makes VISIONLITH suitable for scissor lift, four-column lift and pit.

Automatic target tracking system is an additional advantage. The cameras automatically follow the lifted car. Mobile cabinet allows free movement between measuring stations. No calibration is needed.

3D technology.  High resolution cameras take pictures of targets and on this basis the system calculates the angles in vehicle suspension.

Passive targets  attached to aluminum wheel clamps. The system quickly calculates the camber angle. No battery charging, no tangled power cables.


Automatic cameras height adjustment. The system tracks the targets when raising / lowering the car on lift and cameras adjust their height  automatically.

Autodata database with control points diagrams is the heart of VISIONLITH. 


Tyres, suspension and vehicle condition inspection report.  Before starting the measurement  the operator can prepare an inspection report with information about vehicle technical condition. The report can be printed for the customer.

Quick wheel runout compensation. By rolling the car backwards and forwards.

Caster angle measurement  can be made at 10° or 20° turning of the wheels. During the measurement you can measure the maximum steering angle as well.

Clear measurement results.  After the measurement  the results can be shown as  complete or  limited to preview the rear axle, front axle, caster.

Vehicle length and diagonals. The software allows you to control the axis offset relative to each other.

Additional functions:

  • Measurements lockup with the suspension raised,
  • Dimensions adjustment with removed wheel – (optional equipment required),
  • Cradle adjusting procedure under the engine,
  • Toe adjustment procedure when the wheels are turned,
  • VW adjustment bar,
  • Steering wheel adjustment procedure.

  • four targets
  • four 4-points wheel clamps 10-24’’
  • PC Dell
  • keyboard, mouse
  • LCD monitor
  • laser printer
  • steering wheel holder and brake pedal depressor
  • turnable plates kit



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