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G Scan2

G Scan2
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G Scan2
SpecificationsScreen : colorful touch screen Control keys : Esc – Power – Enter – functions from F1: F6 The device : It works on most Korean – Japanese – European – American cars Fault reading : for all control units in the car, scanning faults, and displaying sensor and actuator data values ​​in more than one digital image or curves Disconnect and run testing of all actuators connected to different control units Executing the functions of most cars, such as switching off maintenance lamps, such as oil, gates, brakes … etc. Carrying out the necessary calibrations for the actuators that need calibration such as Ideal, Power Steering, Gate Adjustment and Brake Calibration Performs factory reset for different control units, programming and coding keys for a large number of cars in case the secret code is available from the official dealer of the car It works directly on the car without the need for an external power source or auxiliary devices Device components: main unit and OBD cable. Self-diagnosis cable.

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  • Model: Diagnosis Tool

To work in modern cars safely and confidently, you must use a car breakdown device (computer breakdown) such as G-Scan because it works on all types of angel cars, light transport and microbuses and covers all their systems (motor – automatic gear – anti-lock brakes – torque – dashboard) and supports the Arabic language

Using a G-Scan diagnostic device gives confidence to the customer in your workshop and makes it easier for you to work in the car and saves the time needed to repair the malfunction. The device was manufactured by a global company to be the best auto failure detection device in the world and it is the best diagnostic device without competitors for Korean and Japanese cars and approved by Kia Motors and Hyundai.

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