The basic elements
Feasibility study of a car workshop project
1- Choosing the right location for the project
2- Equipment available in the car workshop
3- What is required for the workshop
4- Labor needed for the car workshop
5- For the car workshop marketing project
6- Conditions for opening a car workshop

The idea of ​​this project is to help people repair their cars when they have any breakdowns, or when they need to do any kind of maintenance for them.

When starting to establish a car mechanic workshop, a good feasibility study must be prepared in order to achieve the desired results in the best possible way. There are some steps that must be followed when preparing a feasibility study, and these steps are as follows:

1- Choosing the right location for the project

When initiating the establishment of a car workshop, it is necessary to choose the appropriate location for the implementation of the project, as it is necessary to choose a shop with an appropriate area that can be estimated at about 150 square meters, and it may be more or less than that according to what is available.

But when choosing this place, it should be taken into account that it is located in an area with a large number of cars or on one of the highways, and it is also possible to choose the place in a location adjacent to spare parts stores, in order to ensure that a large number of customers are obtained daily.

2- Specifications that should be available in the car workshop

There are some specifications that must be met in the car workshop, and these specifications are as follows:

The necessity of having means of expelling gases, which result from various industrial processes.

There must be good ventilation in the workshop so that the workers are not exposed to any respiratory diseases.

Safety and first aid must be provided.

Provide electricity sources commensurate with the electrical loads.

3- Equipment required for the workshop

After completing the selection of the appropriate place to implement the project, the place must be equipped with some equipment and machines necessary to start work. These equipment are as follows:

A machine lift, which is able to carry huge weights of up to 2 tons, and it lifts the car so that the mechanic can work on it easily.

Number two crocodile crane.

Revolver pistol cases.

Air compressor.

A group of mechanics tools, including wrenches, ratchets and wrenches.

Diagnostic device, a device that reads the faults of the car engine and shows them to the mechanic.

The necessity of providing a telephone for the workshop to facilitate communication with customers.

Workshop management office.

Adequate number of chairs for catering to customers.

4- Labor needed for the car workshop

The car workshop project is one of the projects that is characterized by not needing a large number of workers. It is possible for the project owner to be satisfied with the assistance of three experienced workers to work on the project, and they are as follows:

One electric technician.

Number one mechanical technician.

One assistant worker, cleaning the workshop and organizing the tools.

When selecting these workers, it is taken into account that they are committed to their appointments so as not to disrupt the work and be a reason for winning clients, not losing them.

5- Marketing for the car workshop project

The marketing element is one of the most important factors on which the success of the project depends, and there are many ways that can be used for good marketing of the project, and these methods are as follows:

Choosing a suitable site for the project.

Printing advertising papers and pasting them in vital places or distributing them to passersby.

Design and installation of a huge banner containing the name of the workshop.

Be honest and trustworthy in dealing.

6- Conditions for opening a car workshop

When initiating the implementation of a car workshop project, there are some conditions that must be met in order to work legally without being subject to any legal accountability, and these conditions are as follows:

It is necessary to obtain the necessary licenses to practice the activity in order for the work to be carried out legally.

It is necessary to surround the workshop with a fence not less than three meters high on the back streets.

Parking is not permitted for cars traveling on the workshop from the back streets.

It is necessary to carry out repair and maintenance work in the covered part of the workshop only, and it is not allowed to carry out any maintenance work outside this building.

It is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance of all electrical equipment and installations in the workshop.

Success factors of the car workshop project

There are many factors on which the success of this project depends, and these factors are as follows:

The owner of the project must manage the workshop himself; Because he is the only one who has an understanding of all the workshop matters.

The necessity of having sufficient experience with the project owner, and keenness to constantly develop himself through continuous reading about this field.

It is necessary to ensure the employment of suitable workers who have experience working in this field before in order to complete the work as fully as possible.

Identifying and eliminating dangers.

Ensure good treatment with customers, as good treatment is the most important factor that attracts customers, making profits constantly increasing.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate location for the implementation of the project, as it is the main factor for the success of the project in addition to experience.

Maintain the cleanliness of the place and get rid of the remnants of oils and grease constantly.

Source : AlMaal