The project of establishing a body shop and car paint is one of the projects guaranteed success in Egypt, which achieves very high profit rates compared to the cost of its establishment. To sell it or restore its luster, today we will present to you in detail a feasibility study for a car body and paint workshop in Egypt.
1- Conditions for choosing a plumbing and car painting workshop site
2- Preparing the workshop and the required tools and equipment
3- The labor required for a denting and car painting workshop project
4- Marketing the project

It should be noted that the most important and first step for establishing any business in Egypt. It is the extraction of legal papers such as the commercial registry and tax card, and the completion of the procedures for registering the project in the Chamber of Commerce to obtain a license to practice commercial activity, knowing that ignoring these procedures will expose you to closing the project and you may be exposed to trial for violating the law.

Now we will explain to you the requirements for establishing the project within the feasibility study of a plumbing and car paint workshop in Egypt, in terms of the capital needed for the project, the conditions for selecting the site, the labor needed to operate the project, the targeted profits during the first year and other requirements that the project needs to start working on it.

1- Conditions for choosing a plumbing and car painting workshop site

When choosing a site to establish a plumbing and car paint workshop project, one must consider choosing a populated place on a main road or in a place next to it with a large gas station or next to a car park or garage so that the place contains large numbers of car owners targeted by the project.

It is also possible to set up the workshop in the place where the car workshops gather, as it is a place where customers go directly when they need to repair any part in the cars or obtain any services related to their cars, in order to ensure the continuity and success of the project and its achievement of the targeted profit rates. Wide enough to accommodate work equipment, cars and workers.

2- Preparing the workshop and the required tools and equipment

After choosing the location of the workshop, you must start preparing it and buying the necessary tools and equipment to start working on it, as the workshop needs to purchase a number of car equipment such as: Doku spray machine, air compressor, cranes to use in lifting cars off the ground while working with them, and a painter.

Also, the workshop must be equipped with a complete manual and plumbing tools, and the quality of all tools and devices must be high in order to provide the best service to your customers. They do not deteriorate quickly and live as long as possible.

3- The labor required for a denting and car painting workshop project

The feasibility study of a plumbing and car paint workshop shows that the project needs a number of workers to manage and operate it, as the project needs the presence of at least 3 workers in addition to a reliable person with experience in management to manage the project and finish legal papers, taxes and others, and it is preferable that the project owner devote himself to managing it fully.

As for the workers that the workshop needs to operate, they are a technician who has sufficient experience in car denting to take over all denting work in the workshop. Sufficient in the field of auto mechanics to ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

Car denting and painting workshop project

The idea of ​​the car body and paint workshop project is to provide car repair services after shocks and restore them to their original form. From the workshops on the following points:

Fully paint all types of cars, inside and out.

Treating the external structure of the car from bumps, deformation or abrasions with a sharp object.

It is possible for the owner of the workshop to rent his paint oven to other workshops in exchange for an agreed amount of money to achieve more profits.

4- Marketing the project

The success of any commercial project depends on the extent of its spread among the target consumers. Therefore, the marketing of the project is the most important factor in its success and its continuity in making profit permanently. The project owner must implement a comprehensive marketing plan for the project to ensure that it reaches the largest possible number of customers within the time short, and start making profits. The marketing plan is based on the following axes:

Printing promotional flyers for the workshop containing the workshop’s name and address and distributing them in the places surrounding the workshop headquarters or in garages, car parks and any places where large numbers of cars gather.

Distribute cards with the name of the workshop and the phone number to the customers who received service in your workshop so that they can contact you when they need any services related to their cars instead of going to another workshop.

Hanging a large banner at the entrance to the workshop, preferably luminous and with attractive colors, to attract customers to you.

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