Car wash workshop is one of the profitable projects that provides some services related to cars that are indispensable, and these services include:
The project offers a car wash service.
The possibility of changing the oil for cars.
The possibility of changing the rubber.

1- the right place

The right place is an important factor in the success of the project, as it is necessary to choose a suitable place where the cars are moving a lot.

It can be implemented on the main roads or next to the repair shops, near a gas station or near a main garage, and these places help car owners see and go to this project.

2- Good Place

car wash workshop is a medium-sized project, as it must provide a place of no less than 50 square meters, by providing a place to put cars, as well as a place to put a car lift.

3- The equipment needed by the project

The project requires a number of equipment through which you can provide project services at a high level of efficiency, but there are relatively high equipment, including:

4 ton bastem corkscrew. This jack is used in car lift operations, in order for the washing or lubrication process to take place.

Machine for the washing process and be cold and hot.

air compressor.

A machine used for spraying soap.

A medicine spray machine where it is used in the process of cleaning motors.

Air lubricating machine.

A machine used to extract oil from the motor.

Oil change service.

Ordinary hoover used to wash seats.

The project also requires the delivery of services such as electricity, which are necessary for the project, and water must be provided through strong payment hoses.

4- Necessary labor

This project is one of the simple projects that does not require large labor, as it requires a person who has experience in dealing with equipment and knows well the correct way to wash cars and provide other services.

The project also requires a person specialized in changing and installing tires, as this service is provided with high efficiency so that it can achieve customer satisfaction, which leads to earning more money.

The owner of the project must also choose the workers in a way that guarantees their integrity so that no car thefts occur, which exposes the project to great loss.

It must also be characterized by quality in work so as not to cause damage to cars, which are very expensive goods, in order to ensure that these cars return to you again.

5- Good marketing for the project

Any project, regardless of its efficiency and the quality of its work, must have good marketing for the project. The forms of marketing include:

The owner of the project must make a paper advertisement that includes service prices as well as contact numbers, and they are distributed to car workshops, garages, in addition to petrol stations.

There should also be discounts on car washes, and offers should be made on washing more than one car.

The owner of the project must also make a big opening of the project so that a large number of people can get to know this project.

It is preferable for the project owner to create a special Facebook page for the project and provide all services and appropriate prices with contact numbers, in addition to posting advertisements on the pages related to cars.

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