Application range:

The AEROPROCESS line represents the final stepinportable welding machines. No matter the process (MIG-MAG, TIG, MMA) orthematerial to be welded (Steel, Stainless , Aluminum, CuSi3 ....). Itspowerful synergic regulation will bring an excellentarccontrol with extraordinary results in thicknesses from 0.6 mm to 10 mm depending on the material.


·        Multi-process,capable of MIG-MAG welding (Gas / No-Gas), Lift-Arc TIG and MMA
·        Synergic control withwelding process presetting
·        Ideal for weldingwith GAP (separation)
·        High portability withonly 19Kg. weight, andusable with up to 15Kg welding coils.
·        Possibility to adjustmaterial thickness (mm)or wire-speed (m/min). Permanent voltage (V) -Intensity (A) reading. Wireconsumption control, allowing calculate the cost ofeach process.
·        Possibility to storeup to 10 programs.
·        Excellent resultswith pre-loaded programs in :
-   Carbon steel :ER70S-2,ER70S-3, ER70S-4, ER70S-6,ER70S-7
-   Stainless steel :ER308L,ER308LSi, ER316L, ER316LSi,ER309L, ER309LSi
-   ALuminium : ER4043,ER5356
-   Copper-Silicon :ERCuSi-A
-   Flux-cored withoutgas:E71T-GS
-   Flux-cored carbonsteel with gas : E71T-5C-JH4,E71T-5M-JH4, E71T-1M-JH4,E71T-12M-JH4, E71T-9M-JH4
-   Flux-cored stainlesssteel : E316LT1-1,E316LT1-4,E316T1-1, E316T1-4
-   Corten steel : ER80S-G